Friday, December 31, 2010

Beer and Curds at the Olde Fashioned

So I'm visiting my BFF in Madison, WI to ring in the new year. Last night we went on a bro-mantic date to the Old Fashioned, which I will now refer to as the "Olde Fashioned." It's a nice bar and restaurant celebrating Wisconsin food and drink.My first beverage was an American Pale Ale called Hopalicious from Madison's own Ale Asylum. It was fantastic. Very pretty - a clear pale amber with a sudsy thin head that left lots of lacing...See? Purty. The first smell I noticed was pineapple. The nose was a nice citrus and hoppy bouquet.

It was very tasty. Sweet citrus turned into bitter hops. The flavors were strong but not overwhelming, making this a very drinkable beer. It had a medium and smooth body, and was well-carbonated. I found myself drinking this very quickly. It was tasty, refreshing, smooth, and hoppy. In fact, hoppy and delicious...Hence the appropriate name - Hoppalicious! Perfecto.
Next was the Whole Hog Barleywine from Point Brewing in Stevens Point, WI. I had remembered having this on my last visit to Madison and enjoying it. Plus, geez, $3 for a 10 oz. snifter ofdelicious and boozey drink is a bargain. It was a very dark brown with reddish highlights and a thin white fizzy head. It smelled sweet, malty, and a touch alcoholic. It had nice strong flavors of dark fruit, malts, with substantial alcohol warmth. This was a lovely "after-dinner drink" and was a very pleasant sipper.

Speaking of dinner, we had delicious fried cheese curds that I've craved since having them at the Olde Fashioned the last time I was in town. Of course they come with a ranch dipping sauce. Of course. We also had a fresh salad of beets, gorgonzola cheese, and walnuts.
A's all around...Here's to bro-mance and good grub. Cheers and happy New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

UBER GOOBER: A blessed treat in a crappy year.

2010, you sucked. I can't wait for you to be over. You sucked for a million reasons. You hear me, 2010? YOU SUCK. The positive part of 2010 was that through all the bullshit, there were some really nice people holding me up. You hear me, nice people? YOU DON'T SUCK.

Anyways, that being done with, we was sittin' shiva, and a good friend of mine who also happens to be a beer geek and who also happens to be named Sarah brought me some damn beer treats. It was perfect. Thank you!!!

She brought me a couple of He'Brews, Kid Rock's beer (as a joke! Blog to come), and some selections from Michigan's own Short's.

From Short's there were 2 different selections - PB and J, and Uber Goober. Both beer treats I had heard of but never had. So I was excited! I shared the PB and J with a bunch of people, and did not care too much for it. The "J" part was kinda funky and not in a good way. But the Uber Goober...Oh man. It was so good that I had to go buy a 6 pack.

Uber Goober is an imperial oatmeal stout brewed with real peanuts. It poured black with a thin fizzy cola-esque brown head that dissipated quickly. The smell was kind of mild, but pleasant. Malty, nutty, definitely had a peanuty presence. As far as the taste goes, this is a nice solid oatmeal stout. Coffee, nutty, vaguely sweet malts, with a prominant peanut after-taste. After drinking it I felt like I had eaten a peanut butter sandwich. And while it is not overly sweet at all, it was reminiscent of a peanut butter milkshake.

The Uber Goober was smooth, full-bodied, creamy, and silky with little carbonation. 6.5% alcohol is a reasonable amount of booze compared to some super boozey imperial stouts. Tasty but filling, 2 were plenty to have in one evening. Peanut butter rules. Stouts rule. And friends rule.

Thanks for helping me get through this ridiculous year. xoxoxo