Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crappy Beer on Business

I'm in Orlando on bizness. It's actually really cool, it's for a very huge conference on Health Information Technology. First of all, I just need to define the things I find funny at professional conferences. Men in suits on Segways. Obviously. Men in suits getting their shoes shined. It's the equivalent of a pedicure and makes me feel funny. There's always lots of walking, yet many women wear heels and are limping horribly by the end of day 1. Funny giveaways - I got my photo taken with a cardboard Barack Obama, fancy post-its, and a light up bouncy ball!

Anyhow, tonight I decided it was time for a beer break. My first night at the hotel suite I sought out the on-site convenience store and purchased a 24 ounce can of bud lite lime, figuring it would come in handy. I don't think I have had this before. Obviously Coors, Miller, Bud...All the same. Yet, I have associations with each one, whether fair or not. Miller is a lesbian-friendly beer so it's top choice of the three. Coors is working-class, so that makes it the #2 slot. But Bud...It's just frat to me. So Bud Lite Lime would be sorority. Maybe those connotations are not fair, but that's what they are, I'm just a victim of society, man.

It poured a golden color with a large sudsy head. It smelled of lime. It tasted of lime. Which *is* a big improvement over regular bud taste. The mouthfeel was thin, but surprisingly not as watery as I expected. It actually had a little body! Hot. Overall, this was surprisingly palatable. Cold, wet, and lime. More actual beer flavor and a higher alcohol content would improve this greatly. But for what it is, I can't complain. C

Next it was onto the hotel bar! The choices were awesome (no)- Bud, Bud Lite, or Yuengling, which I went for. I texted a beer buddy of mine, who informed me that Yuengling is President Obama's beer of choice. I could feel my inner-beer snob emerging, but I liked this enough to have 2 glasses. This was also due to the friendly (and cute) girl who was chatting me up at the bar. This lager poured a brownish-amber with a thin white head that instantly disappeared. Not much odor, just mildly malty. The taste was sweeter than other macro lagers. Caramel malts stood out with a bit of bitter hops. This was medium-bodied, very smooth, with low carbonation. I declare Yuengling supremely average, but still better than Bud. C+

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  1. LOL at that picture of the guy on the segway! We have police officers who ride segways here, it always cracks me up. Too bad Obama has such crappy taste in beer.