Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lil' Sumpin and Walgreen's Beer

Why haven't I tried Lagunita's Lil' Sumpin Sumpin ale before? The name is fantastic, the label is adorably sexy, and I've enjoyed Lagunita's beverages in the past. This is lovely - a clear honey-amber with a solid white head with great retention that left a lot of lacing. The nose was nice and strong - heavy on lemon, citrus hops galore, and a little pine.The flavors are strong! This is a wheat ale and a summer seasonal. Strong flavors of citrus, bitter hops, sweet malts, and wheat. As it warmed up the flavors mellowed out but were still strong and really pleasant. This was smooth and soft feeling. Great drinkability; it was nice to have a strong (7.5% ABV) summer ale on a cold's winter day. A- So, on an entirely different note, a good buddy of mine brought me a gift a couple of months ago. A six-pack of Big Flats, a beer carried exclusively by Walgreen's. $2.99 for a 6-pack. I admit, this sat in my garage for a good 2 months. I figured it would be bad. Real bad. Tonight a different friend who works at Walgreen's asked me if I had tried it. I knew the time had come. First of all, the label and name are terrible. Who wants a "big flat" beer? Anyways, I poured a can of this and noticed it was far from flat. Extremely pale with a massive sudsy head. Not much smell. Not much taste, just a little odd sweetness. So basically your typical macro lager but blander and sweeter. I did not pick up on any alcohol content either, although it's listed as having 4.5%. Thin, watery, bland. Honestly not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And for 50 cents a can, it's cheaper than bottled water. C+

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  1. Nice, gotta love any beer that's cheaper than water. Seriously though, lil' sumpin sounds like it would be right up my alley. I will keep an eye out!