Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chocolate-Beer and Beer-Chocolate.

Beer and chocolate. Am I right? I am.
Tommyknocker is out of Colorado. I thought the Cocoa Porter sounded and looked good. Check out that whimsical label. This looked like a fizzy cola with small foamy light brown head. The nose was strong - cocoa for sure, raisin-y, mostly sweet...Okay, but not that "inviting to the palate." Overall a sweet beer, the cocoa powder is prominant, along with a little honey, some coffee, and something a bit fruity and slightly off-putting. This is on the thin side, moderately carbonated. Overall, meh. I tend to enjoy porters and enjoyed this well enough. Increase the chocolate and decrease the raisin-y taste and you got yourself a deal. B

Another recent chocolate beer was had at the Reno's...In Lansing, Michigan. I did not know I had been in there before, until I stepped in and had a flashdate of a Horrible Date I had there in 2003. I think it lasted 90 minutes total. Too bad because Reno's is a cool enough spot. Luckily the company was much better this time around. :) Shuffleboard, games, and a decent beer list. They were featuring Michigan's Arcadia Ales, a brewery specializing in British-style ales. I had Arcadia's Cocoa Loco, a "triple-chocolate milk stout." It was nice. Very dark brown with a small light-brown head. Smelled very roasty with coffee and sweet chocolate. Tasted the same - basically a mocha beer. Distinct coffee, chocolate, some lingering bitterness, and a little bit of noticeable alcohol. At 7% ABV it's a big beer, but still subtle. Not overly boozey, sweet, or chocolatey. It's got some class. This is a pleasant milk stout. A-

The same night I was at Reno's, I came home to find a package from my BFF! I had the chocolate beer...Now I got the beer chocolate. Ooooh I have a good BFF. It also included a slightly bitchy birthday card, which is a hilarious tradition of ours. The beer-pretzel caramels are ridiculous. Salty-sweet, crunchy-gooey. I am excited to try the beer-chocolate-potato chip-slurtle. And especially excited for the PB and J Bar. Thanks for the deliciousness!


  1. SLIGHTLY BITCHY BIRTHDAY CARD!!!!!!!! I love you so much dude. Good writing! AM I RIGHT GALS?

  2. Damn, beer caramels sound amazing. I've never even heard of a milk stout before!

  3. Beer & chocolate, yes please!! The one I have waiting for me is a hot chocolate stout, with a bit of chili & vanilla aside from the chocolate.