Sunday, June 19, 2011

Short's Rich's Rye

Have I ever had a Rye beer? I don't know that I have. And only being a semi-fan of rye bread, I've been curious but not super-excited about trying this style. Rye beer, rye. And is marked by bitter, sour, and spicy notes. Short's Rich's Rye is described as a "super-hopped golden rye beer." And there is an adorable picture of a "brewery dad" on the label. So I figured this was a good choice to start with.
This is a unique-looking beer. And not in a "Well, at least you've got a great personality" kind of way. It is good looking! Handsome, even. This is a very hazy muted amber. A sudsy and sturdy white head left lots of lacing. This is also an intensely-carbonated beer.
It smelled like rye, peppery spice, and sourness. It reminded me of overly ripe peaches.

The taste was interesting. At first like a regular lager but then you get hit with some bitter hops, strong spice, and a touch of sourness. The rye definitely gives it a unique flavor. I like the combination of bread, spice, and bitter pine hops.
The mouthfeel was medium, smooth, and creamy. Great drinkability, especially considering the fact that its a style and flavor I'm not used to. I can't compare it to other Ryes, and I assume this one is extra hoppy. But I would welcome some other Ryes in my future. Feel free to recommend some!



  1. Alrighty two rye beers comin' up! Well suggestions anyway...the first one from Schmaltz Brewing-if you can get it-their Bittersweet Lenny's (R)IPA. Schmaltz, He'Brew, Lenny Bruce...Oy Vey! Really enjoyable rye beer in my opinion though.

    The second is from Dieu du Ciel in Canada. It's their Route des Epices or Spice Route, brewed with-if I remember correctly-60% rye not to mention black & green peppercorns. The peppercorns leave a nice tingle on the tongue - something a little different.

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  3. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for reading!