Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

Ahhh, the infamous and mighty Edmund Fitzgerald. Yeah I never heard of it either. But apparently it sunk in Lake Superior in 1975. What I had heard of was the beer named after it created by Ohio's Great Lakes Brewing Company. This beer has won lots of awards, and is highly scored on both BeerAdvocate and Ratebeer. And I gotta say...This is good stuff.

This is an attractive beer. Pitch black with a sudsy brown head, good retention, moderate lacing. The first word that came to me when smelling it was "soft." Softly chocolate and roasty. Same with the taste.
Chocolate and coffee notes with a solid roasted grains and flavor and enough hops to keep this more bitter (or bittersweet) than sweet.

Smooth, creamy, medium-bodied, low carbonation. Again, "softness" comes to mind.
This is a solid beer. Well-balanced, tasty, flavorful, & not overwhelming.


  1. I think you're getting soft on us.

  2. omg. you haven't heard the song?!

  3. Reem - I'm a softy.
    Valerie - No, I don't think I have! It's real purty though. Thanks for sharing.

  4. If you're from anywhere around the Great Lakes its sinking is a pretty big story. We actually studied it in 4th grade. Then of course there's the infamous Cat Stevens song which it appears someone already had the diligence to post a link to.

    Anyway, as for the beer I love it. I am from NY and Great Lakes brews are really popular here. Their brewery in Cleveland is worth a visit in the area. Also with this beer keep an eye out for bottles stating it sank in Lake Erie. It was a misprint they had on some of their lables. On a rare occasion you come across one. I notified them when I first noticed hoping it may be worth a free 6-pack. I didn't get that but they did respond with the story of the lables and a thank you note.

    1. Cat Stevens?! It was Gordon Lightfoot! Also there's a version by Robert Burns, in which he lists the names of all those who died. 38 years ago today...