Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lagunitas 13 Year Anniversary Release

How could anyone resist this sexy bottle? Lagunitas released Lucky 13 as their 13th anniversary release - an amber ale. I found myself wondering - would this be considered "imperial"? What makes a beer style imperial anyways? According to the first website I found on the topic, it used to refer to beer shipped to Russia from England for the imperial court. Now it simply means a beer with a higher alcohol content than the typical style, and often stronger flavors as well.

Therefore, I declare Lucky 13 as an Imperial Amber Ale. I also declare it as damn good.
Appearance: From the sexy label to the lovely subdued orange-amber, sudsy off-white head, and visible carbonation, this is an attractive beer.

Smell: Sweet, sweet pineapple.

Taste: Tropical fruits, again pineapple in particular. Also strongly sweet caramel malts. Then very bitter hops. Strong flavors all around on both the hops and malts front, making this "balanced yet bold." (I should go into advertising, amiright?) Not much noticeable alcohol in the flavor, but certainly some warmth could be detected.
I shared this one with my dad. His thoughts? "It's fruity. Light yet not lite." (He spelled that one out). That's a fair assessment.

Overall - this is a solid beer. Tasty, strong flavors, strong hops the way I like it, great flavors of tropical fruit, sweetness, caramel, and bitter hops in yo' face. I'm a fan. Well done Lagunitas!

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  1. This sounds delicious! I'd try it. And your dad rules. As do you!