Friday, February 10, 2012

Mean Old Tom: A Maine Stout

Well, I got excited about beer again. Alright, it's not like I was ever not excited about beer, but sometimes the excitement levels change, you know? Sometimes other Things come up in life, distracting one from beer exploration. And that's what I like to call "a shame." So I traded some Michigan beer with a fella out east. He sent me back some treats, including a bottle of Mean Old Tom from Maine Beer Company. Their motto? "Do What's Right." This very small brewery donates 1% of all sales to environmental causes. See, I like them already.

I was very excited to try this. Primarily because the bottle is so cute, minimalistic, and hey - it's a stout aged on natural vanilla beans. Sounds good to me! This is an attractive stout. Very black, with a nice solid brown head with excellent retention. Purty.

Initial smells were coffee and vanilla. Roasty and sweet, not super powerful. The taste was also surprisingly mild. Roasted coffee, vanilla notes, sweet malts, creamy. The flavors were all very nice; the roasted coffee flavor stood out the most. The taste almost seemed watered-down. I do tend to like strong flavors. Mean Old Tom tastes good...Just a little weak.

However, this is a good, easy-drinking stout. A very reasonable 6.5% ABV also lends to good drinkability. Smooth, creamy, tasty, mild. B

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