Monday, April 2, 2012

Sam Adams: Brewmaster's Collection

I've got love for Sam Adams. They're consistent with solid and high-quality beers.
They put out this snazzy "Brewer's Choice" variety pack.

As per their website:
"Our Brewmaster's Collection of beers represent our exploration and interpretation of classic beer styles. With a combination of tradition and new flavor development, each beer has its own character. The collection continues to evolve and change so look for new tastes to discover throughout the years."

I haven't gotten many variety packs of Sam Adams, besides their beloved Winter Classics mix. But this one piqued my interest.

The Irish Red is a beautiful red beer. Carmel malts, sweet fruit, apples, a touch of bitter hops. Smooth, easy-drinking, and pleasant.
The Mighty Oak Ale is another amber, also very attractive. It smelled and tasted sweet, more powerful than the Irish Red, and with some vanilla and oak. It feels a bit rich after a while due to the sweetness. Very tasty and enjoyable.
I enjoyed the Whitewater IPA in a Sam Adams "Perfect Pint" glass, which I heart. It was light like a cloudy lemonade at the bottom, a darker straw-like shade towards the top, with plenty of sediment and 1 finger of sudsy head. It smelled like sharp hops, strong nose, pineapple stood out especially. Likewise, the taste was bitter, citrus hops - especially pineapple, strong flavors.

Also included in the variety pack are the Black Lager, Boston Lager, and Alpine Spring. I'm making my way through. It's good stuff. A

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