Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nude Beach and Golden Monkey

My girlfriend and I have a fun project! We are saving beer labels to collage onto a coffee table. We have many labels, about enough to cover half the table so far. As of late, I have selected some beer choices based on cool labels for the project.
Check out Nude Beach! Totally judged based on its cover, but it was a good beer too! Orange, cloudy, thin white head. A citrus-y wheat beer with a mild yeast smell and taste too. Pleasant, well-balanced, fairly mild. A good summer beer. And nudity = funny.
Golden Monkey from Victory also has a fun label. And I like Tripels, and I really liked this. It's a pretty hazy peach color and poured with a large foamy head.  It smelled and tasted of cloves, banana, a touch of spice, and mild yeast. It was super smooth, light, and crisp. High alcohol content at 9.5% ABV, but this was not noticeable to me in the flavor.
It's good stuff. And hopefully soon we'll have enough labels to make our coffee table one-of-a-kind.


  1. Yum. Perhaps you can show a picture of your coffee table - or how you plan to do it? Is it a work in progress - or do you have to save up all the labels first?

    Also, I'm curious how you get the labels off - as I am generally more interested in the bottles (for homebrew purposes) and I find some come off quite easily in warm water and others I end up destroying and then tossing the bottle due to lack of desire to put that much energy into cleaning the glue and paper shreds off the glass. Curious if you have a neater method.

  2. Thanks for reading! Oh yes, I will absolutely post pictures when it is done.

    For the labels, I soak the empty bottles in a bucket full of warm water and just a little dish soap. Usually over night...Then they peel right off! Some better than others of course.

    Also, I admit - we've also ordered some new labels from ebay. We have found some cool inexpensive ones from different countries.

  3. I'm VERY interested in this coffee table! Great idea!