Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday May 5th, 2012

Saturday was a great beer-y day, as well as quality time with dad day. My dad and I went to the public library for a Homebrewing 101 talk as one of their Farm to Table presentations. I've read a little bit about it, but to have someone (who had been homebrewing for 19 years) explain the steps and show-and-tell ingredients and equipment was great. His explaination of extract brewing made home brewing seem extremely do-able. Dad found the talk very interesting too. We walked away from the talk feeling inspired. To brew! This may be a summer project.

Anyways, the talk also made me want a beer. Dad was easily persuaded to stop for a snack at Dusty's Tap Room. He ordered Mary's Maple Porter from Brooklyn Brewery and I got Trebuchet (a Belgian IPA) from Brewery Vivant. Oh, and some ridiculously delicious french fries.
The Mary's Maple Porter was very dark with a thin brown head. The aroma was malty with just a touch of noticeable maple that stood out more as it warmed. The taste was coffee, malts, dark fruits, and just a touch of sweetness that could vaguely be maple-ish. It was nice, smooth, and soft-feeling and about 7% alcohol. It was a decent porter, but I wish the maple had stood out more. B+
The Trebuchet poured a dark cloudy amber with thin head, left plenty of lace around the snifter. The smell? Hops in my face. Floral, citrus, not noticeably Belgian. I had forgotten it would be a Belgian IPA, so the yeast flavor in the taste was a pleasant surprise for me. Citrus, pineapple, bitter hops, sugar, and a little alcohol. Medium, well-carbonated, and really pleasant. It's very hoppy and high alcohol at 9.7%, so one to savor. I hope to try this one again. A
Later that day, I decided to indulge one more time and open a Bigfoot from a year ago. I poured it into a snifter; it was dark and cloudy, with lazy carbonation, and a small fluffy head. It smelled sweet - sugar, floral hops, and a little bit of bitter hops too. The flavors were big. Strong malts, caramel, also floral hops, and dark fruit. I really enjoyed it. A

A pretty self-indulgent day, but hey - May 5th is National Homebrew Day. The least I could do is have a little education and a little drinking.

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