Monday, June 11, 2012

Arrrgh: Heavy Seas Yule Tide

I randomly picked this up on a recent trip to Indiana. I was basically looking for things I hadn't seen in Michigan that were interesting and affordable. Yule Tide from Heavy Seas in Baltimore, Maryland spoke to me. I like pirates. And lately I *really* like Tripels. This is part of their "Mutiny Fleet" series, aka Imperial, aka strong flavors and boozy. This particular bottle sold itself as having "an avalanche of flavor" and 10% Alcohol By Volume.
 So, I notice on their website that this is a retired beer. I could not find a date on the bottle, but assume it's been at least...9 months maybe? Since it appears to be a Winter ale. But the website also says it's vintage dated (what does this mean?) and recommends aging it.
It poured a pretty clear orange-peach-amber with about a finger of head that quickly dissipated. It smelled like bread, yeast, and sweet-sweet-sugar. The taste is also very sweet. Sugar, pears, bread, Belgian yeast, and just a touch of bitter hops.

This definitely had an "avalanche of flavor" and the alcohol was just barely noticeable in the flavor. I really like Tripels and have had some great ones recently. This is why Yule Tide was a bit disappointing. A little too sweet and a little too much alcohol for me. It did not feel subtle, and had strong flavors, which I do like. But there are much better Tripels out there. I do like the pirate label though.

ARGH!!! C+

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