Sunday, July 15, 2012

Werewolf from Lithuania

 So, I had some time to kill on the West side of town last week. I stopped by Horrock's, a great grocery store with a good beer selection. Interestingly enough, they had a display of beer from Lithuania - Brewery Rinkuskiai. I've had beer from Russia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico...But never have I ever seen Lithuanian beer. At $2.99 I gave it a shot and selected "Werewolf," a Belgian-style dark lager. Nice tacky label and bright red "8.2% alcohol!" tag caught my eye.

The label declared, "You must be sure you want to taste it." And also "Werewolf has an attractive dark color (not really), slightly sweet, reach (sic) taste of malt and slight aroma of hops."   

Well, I wasn't sure I wanted to taste it, but geez, take a chance on me. The appearance was fine. It was an attractive clear amber, medium shade, with plenty of redness and basically no head. There really was very little carbonation. It seemed flat.

 It smelled very sweet. A bit floral, candy-like, mostly sweetness. It also tasted very sweet. The malts were heavy, sugary, just a touch of dark fruit, and a slight hint of metal and alcohol.

I'm not usually into overly sweet beers, and this was a pretty sweet beer. It felt medium-bodied, smooth, but again, flat.

Overall, meh. Not one to get excited about, but not horrid. If you're into dark Belgian ales there are many better ones out there. But, for a cheap buzz and entertaining bottle, I'd consider trying another Brewery Rinkuskiai product.
 This particular one was consumed with Taco Bell. Cuz I was "hungry like the (werewolf)."

New Cantina Burrito (chicken): Pretty good! Cilantro-y. B
Loco Dorito Taco: Nothing but class. A+
Brewery Rinkuskiai's Werewolf: C

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  1. I've been wanting to try the Dorito tacos. Glad to hear they are good!