Sunday, December 23, 2012

HopCat - Short's Birthday Party

So I finally went to the HopCat for the first time recently. This was after a show in Grand Rapids, and I was excited to hear we were only a few blocks away from this highly esteemed beer bar.
HopCat is always cool but the night we went, it was a special Short's Brewing event! You can't really tell from this picture, but it was cool to see 34 Short's handles all in a row. It was in honor of the founder of Short's turning 34. He was running around in full mustache.
They were sadly out of S'mores Stout, which I have always wanted to try. However, I got 2 other unique beers. First the Captain Fantasy which combines 2 of my favorites - pear and Saison. It was delicious. Light body, Belgian yeast, pears. Then, out of pure curiosity, I tried The Gambler, an IPA aged in Bourbon barrels with tobacco. Whiskey, tobacco, and gambling all in one little snifter. It was weird. Very floral, strong tobacco smell and taste, sugar, and bitter hops. I liked it! But not enough to get it again. I love how unique so many Short's brews are.
Tobacco beer. "The Gambler."
 Cheers, no jeers! This photo includes Coke and a Cider.
Finally got to try the much-hyped HopCat "crack fries." With cheese no less. Delicious. Also these fried nuggets of joy. Rumor has it that there will be a 2nd HopCat location opening up in Lansing in 2013 with 100 taps and crack fries. I do hope there's enough of a craft beer market to support this along with all the existing beer bars in Lansing.

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  1. Your beer descriptions are so good! I have been drinking pretty much only wine lately (pinot grigio is what I am into these days) but you make me want to try more beer. I am sorry you didn't get to try the s'mores stout beer but what you did drink sounds delish. Bupbup