Saturday, January 26, 2013

Innis & Gunn - a birthday treat.

I'm in NY! Visiting my twin sister and her beautiful family. My sister encouraged me to try some new beer! So we picked up a gift set of Innis & Gunn's Oak Aged beers. I don't believe I've ever had Innis & Gunn before - they have a neat story. A whisky producer wanted to make an aged whisky flavored with ale...Said ale was born, used to flavor the whisky, and sadly thrown away. Luckily someone tasted the ale after it was aged in the whisky barrels and noticed it was delicious! Yay - thanks for the delicious accident, fellas.
We got to taste the original, a rum cask aged ale, and a winter porter.
1) The original. 6.6% ABV (alcohol by volume) aged for 77 days. 
It poured a clear light orange-amber, with low carbonation.
Strong nose. Oak and vanilla. A little caramel and hops. Sweetish, pleasant. Easy-drinking. 
2) Rum-Cask aged. 
A wee heavy.This one poured a dark ruby red/brown with light brown head. Very pretty. A stronger nose and flavor than the original - rum and vanilla! Definitely more of a sipper than the original. 7.4% ABV; matured for 57 days. As it warmed, the vanilla stood out in both nose and flavor. Lovely.
3)  Winter beer.
A porter brewed with molasses. 7.4% ABV and matured for 39 days. Very dark brown with ruby highlights and a sudsy brown head. Flavor was heavy, and not like a typical porter. The molasses was definitely noticeable along with some dark fruit, vanilla, and oak.

Overall, all 3 were delicious and fun to taste with my family. My dad and I liked #2, the rum cask beer the best. My sister was partial to the original.

Glad I got to try these! Thanks twinny.

#1) The Original - A-
#2) Rum-cask aged -  A
#3) Winter beer - B+


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