Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taps 25 and leinenkugel's Big Eddy series

I didn't know leinenkugel's had a "big eddy" series. I mostly think of leiny's as my Wisconsin college days brewery of choice. They offered us beer pansies Berry Weiss and Honey Weiss, not selections I'm prone to make these days. 
So when I saw that a local craft beer bar was having a night promoting the Big Eddy series (to include free snifters) I was intrigued. Mostly excited about free glassware. Their imperial IPA was good. Pretty amber and clear; the smells of pine, citrus, and malts was pleasant and somewhat muted. A little sweeter than expected; apricot, pine, caramel. Enjoyable but I love big IPAs that are really bitter. This one was fine and certainly more enjoyable than Berry Weiss. B
...and the imperial stout. Black as night with beautiful brown fluffy head. Whilst ordering this the overly friendly leiny's rep talked it up. He was very nice and accepted my critique of the IPA. His favorite leiny's beer is the "dark and creamy" and he seemed genuinely excited about the Big Eddy series.
Anyways, this imperial stout is great. Heavy on the coffee, vanilla, bit of bitter hops. I'm feeling the alcohol but not tasting it; very drinkable. Way smooth and creamy.  I'd get this one again. A

...and free snifters?  A+ all the way. 


  1. This is my first post from my iPhone using an app. I think I did ok.

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  4. I definitely think you did okay on your iphone! Your description of the imperial stout made my mouth water. good work!

  5. Aww thanks for commenting Rebecca! You're the first non-spam comment I've gotten in a while.