Sunday, June 16, 2013

Northern hawk amber ale on Fathers' Day

So I wanted a beer and it's Fathers Day. We've had a nice weekend. At the store I decided to get an amber ale since that's my dad's favorite style and he's learned to feel trepidation at some beers I enjoy. This is Northern Hawk Owl amber ale from Traverse City, MI. 
 I poured us each a little glass. Medium-brown amber, fluffy tan head that sank into a ring. Very light smell, a little like sweet bread dough.  And the taste - first sip was caramel. And stayed consistently caramel throughout. I asked my dad what he thought. 
"Fruity and like Pepsi-cola". Dad too picked up on the sweetness and caramel notes. He noticed it wasn't as bitter as many beers I subject him too. The fruit notes were light - apple and pear. It's sweeter than other amber ales I've had but not too much. 
Pretty nice on a June evening. Cheers, dad. 

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