Sunday, January 10, 2016

Guiness Nitro IPA

What's up with Nitro beer? The nerds at have a helpful explanation! During the carbonation process, nitro beers use 70% nitrogen along with 30% carbon dioxide. These beers have smaller bubbles, and are therefore smoother and creamier. Cans of Guiness Stout are known for having a plastic ball which helps the CO2 release, to create the head and body of a Stout enjoyed traditionally on tap. Recently, Guiness has released cans of Nitro IPA as well. I picked up a 6-pack out of curiosity.

The can says "infused with nitrogen for a smooth balanced finish." It also shares the varieties of hops used: admiral, celeia, topaz, challenger, and cascade. It has 44 IBUs (International Bitterness Units), and 5.8% alcohol. The cans are 11.2 oz which is standard for European beers but makes it look a bit small in a 16 oz pint glass.

As expected, it pours smooth and creamy with a foamy white head. It smells distinctly of citrus - oranges, lemons, and a bit of spice. It is definitely an attractive beer. It is nice to see the layers settle in the glass.

Beyond that, it is not one of my favorite IPAs. I love big, bold hop flavors. Guiness offers a muted, soft IPA. It is not bad; the hops are more floral than anything along with some citrus and spice. But the flavor is weak. 

At 5.8% alcohol this could be a session beer and that is probably how it is intended to be. I recently had a Victory Hop Devil on nitro and really enjoyed it. The smooth and creamy mouthfeel did not take away from the strong hoppy flavor. 

Overall, I will finish the 6 pack and am happy to have given it a try. But, it is not an IPA that I will purchase again. C+

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