Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bourbon Barrel Series - Rochester Mills

My wife picked up this 4 pack of a limited-release bourbon barrel aged versions of some of the standard beers from Rochester Mills in Auburn Hills, MI. She said she had been eyeing it and thought I would like it because she is the best. Only 5,000 of these 4 packs were made (with one of each variety of beer per pack). I dug in. 

Euphorious Brown Ale brewed with Michigan Maple Aged in Bourbon Barrels
I was the most excited about this one but it was probably my least favorite of the pack. 
It has a 7.7% ABV content made with magnum and mt rainier hops from Michigan. 

Appearance: murky amber-brown with thin head
Smell: very strongly of bourbon but some malt sweetness
Taste: too heavy on the bourbon, maple barely noticeable
Mouthfeel: medium, low carbonation
Drinkability: only had 1/2 of the 16 oz can. I enjoyed it - I like the taste of bourbon. But wanted more balance. 

I was also very excited about this one.
Magnificent Imperial Milk Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels. 
9% ABV, magnum and Michigan Mt. Rainier hops and a 7 malt blend including pilsner, chocolate, and biscuit.

Appearance: like a milk stout! Pitch black with a very pretty brown head.
Smell: chocolate, bourbon, vanilla, bread.
Taste: very good! bitterness, chocolate, bourbon, vanilla.
Mouthfeel: creamy.
Drinkability: Very good. Alcohol and sweetness not overpowering, neither was the bourbon flavor. Strong flavors, the sweetness and chocolate-roasty flavors stood out more.

Spendiferous - Imperial Amber Ale
9% ABV. Used 100% Michigan Chinook Hops and Belgian candi sugar. 

I just planted a chinook hops rhyzome (which is just starting to grow!) in my yard so was definitely interested in trying this one.

Appearance: Hazy amber with a bit of head - very pretty.
Smell: mild - just a bit of hops, bourbon, and sugar sweetness
Taste: Flavorful but more balanced than the brown ale. Plenty of sweet fruit flavors, malt flavors, tasted like an amber ale but with the presence of bourbon.
Mouthfeel: medium, well-carbonated.
Drinkability: very good! Only planned on drinking half the can on this particular evening (watching my carbs) but oops, then had the whole 16 oz can. A little sweeter than I would like but definitely enjoyable.

Righteous Irish Red Ale
6.8% ABV, brewed with Magnum and MI Mt. Rainier hops

Appearance: Very pretty amber with a thin head
Smell: malty, apple cider, tartness
Taste: least bourbon-y of the 4-pack. More malty - caramel, bread, apple, and just a touch of bourbon. 
Mouthfeel - medium
Drinkability - Very good! This was a tasty, well-balanced beer. Nothing remarkable or outstanding, just solid. 

It's always fun to try a variety pack, and a limited-release one at that. My favorites were definitely the Magnificent Imperial Milk Stout and Splendiferous Imperial Amber Ale.